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Home Values drop just as we predicted

by Southern Californias Top Producing Mother & Son Te

Last month we created a video predicting what we thought was going to take place in 2016 in regards to real estate.  Chris talked about and used graphs to explain a trend that was seen through data generated by SoCal MLS reports.  It looks like what we saw in prior years is occurring once again to start out 2016 just as we thought.  The average sales price for Jan 2016 came in at $533,908.  That’s a bit lower from the previous month which was $550,447.  January of 2015 had an average sales price of $487,742 which gives us an 8.6% increase in home values in Downey and surrounding areas in a years time!  Considering that home values have already gone up significantly since 2010 this is great for the real estate market.  Just looking at this graph which shows a 4 year history we are already almost 30% above home values from Jan, 2012. 

Please don’t be scared if you are thinking that we are headed for a downturn similar to what occurred in 2007/2008.  There’s a major difference in the way loans were originated then, compared to now.  In today’s market loans are much more legitimate being funded only by strictly verifying income qualifications.  There aren’t any more stated income and no doc loans out there these days.  That doesn’t mean that we are never going to see a down turn though.   Experts are saying that we have another 3-4 years of a steady real estate market before we see some sort of shift.  So for you sellers out there, take advantage of these times where buyers can qualify to purchase your home with a low down payment and low interest rate! 

We hope that this info helps you make a decision with either buying or selling an real estate.  We’d love to serve you! 

Don't Buy into the Myth - Selling During the Holidays

by Southern Californias Top Producing Mother & Son Te

Don’t buy into the myth … that no business happens during the holidays. The holidays are a time of clear separation…separation between the agents who slow down, and the agents who ramp up to book a ton of appointments to set themselves up for success and start the new year off right.

Here are 7 reasons to say YES to listing during the holidays.



Interest Rates going up ... When and How this affects buyers now...

by Southern Californias Top Producing Mother & Son Te

The question that everyone is asking these days is whether or not interest rates are going to go up anytime soon.  We've been saying for the pat few years now that buyers need to take advantage of interest rates because they are giving buyers a lot more buying power than in the past... In other words, right now "Money is Cheap!"  

Here's an article we found that will give you more insight on what you can expect interest rates to do in the coming months/years should you need to obtain some sort of financing... read full article hear...


by Chris Gonzales

The best realtors and real estate brokers are the ones who know that there’s always more to learn and more ways to stretch and grow.  That’s why Maria Palacios and myself, Chris Gonzales attended this year’s real estate summit with Tom Ferry’s Organization.  It’s so important to know that in order to help others to the fullest you need to educate yourself in the changes that are taking place in your market place.  Our goal is to serve people!  How we do that is by knowing our market extremely well, and especially knowing how to use certain tools and negotiate in our clients best interest.  When we sell your home, we know how to get the most for your home.  We know the negotiating tactics to put more in our seller’s pocket.  We’ve been in the business so long consistently that we know all the other major players that sell homes like we do and have relationships with them so that when we are working with you as your Buyers agent, our offer stands out amongst the numerous other offers that they have received.  We know the technology and the eye catching marketing that it takes to attract people to your home.  We really love what we do and we are so blessed to be able to work as a family so we are proud to show you the picture above of my mother and I investing in more real estate education…

One of the things that was shared at this years summit was that economist are predicting another 3-5 years of strong real estate market.  Most people assume that this market may be short lived and that home values are going to take another nose dive.  The real estate market has about a 10 year cycle of peaking and then decline; HOWEVER don’t ever think that prices are going to take a dive as far as they did back in 2008.  There is 100% certainty that the market will decline in the years to come, it’s just the way the market, and life for that matter is.  There are ups and downs but there is no way someone will ever be able to buy a home in Downey for $50,000 as people did back in the 1950’s.  I say that piece to encourage you to not wait any longer to buy a home if you haven’t already.  And if you’re a seller you need to take advantage of this time where prices are currently up, the economy is strong, and rates are low.  If you’re a seller you definitely don’t want to sell when rates are higher, that means when you buy your next home, or upgrade, you now are going to be paying higher interest rates.  Sell now when you can take advantage of the low rates on your home purchase!  Call us anytime.  (877) 883-1003.

Downey - Latino Beverly Hills

by Southern Californias Top Producing Mother & Son Te


We wanted to share a recent article in the Los Angeles Times. It describes something we already know, Downey is booming!  We are experts in Downey and our presence there is daily, We even have a billboard there.  Our family, friends and clients are in Downey.  Trendy restaurants, new businesses have all contributed to the influx. New homes with column entries, wrought iron/glass front doors and tiled roofs add to the attraction.  We have clients from the budget minded to the extravagant consumer.  Let us know if you are ready to make the move.  Enjoy the article.        

4 great investments

by Southern Californias Top Producing Mother & Son Te

If you have the slightest inkling of buying a home don't wait any longer.  We just closed on these 4 properties and we don't want you to miss the market!  

One of our sellers sold their 2 bedroom condo in Paramount (shown below) and bought a huge home out in Beaumont that we sold to them.  They wanted a home that was large with plenty of square footage and we found it for them!  If you see the price difference your jaw will drop.  They went from a 1,082 Sqft condo to a home with 2,400 SqFt of living space and a 12,000+ SqFt lot, and look at the price difference!!!  Only a $40,000 price difference between the price of their sold condo and the home they bought!  That's called smart buying!  

Please call us if you or anyone that you know is looking to buy or sell in today's market.  It truly is a great market for both buyers and sellers!

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