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Interest Rates HIKE may come to a halt

by Southern Californias Top Producing Mother & Son Te

We get told all the time by potential buyers that they are going to wait because there's going to be a turn in the market.  There are worries of a recession....  That may be the case but keep in mind that if the economy shows a lot of volatility, that is all the reason more to keep interest rates low.  And we know if interest rates are low, buyers can borrow money, basically on discount... So as we've said before, this is a great market for both buyers and sellers.  

Play our weekend report above for a quick video explaining the activity on our listing inventory...

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Interest Rates going up ... When and How this affects buyers now...

by Southern Californias Top Producing Mother & Son Te

The question that everyone is asking these days is whether or not interest rates are going to go up anytime soon.  We've been saying for the pat few years now that buyers need to take advantage of interest rates because they are giving buyers a lot more buying power than in the past... In other words, right now "Money is Cheap!"  

Here's an article we found that will give you more insight on what you can expect interest rates to do in the coming months/years should you need to obtain some sort of financing... read full article hear...

Credit Knowledge and Confidence

by Southern Californias Top Producing Mother & Son Te



by Chris Gonzales

The best realtors and real estate brokers are the ones who know that there’s always more to learn and more ways to stretch and grow.  That’s why Maria Palacios and myself, Chris Gonzales attended this year’s real estate summit with Tom Ferry’s Organization.  It’s so important to know that in order to help others to the fullest you need to educate yourself in the changes that are taking place in your market place.  Our goal is to serve people!  How we do that is by knowing our market extremely well, and especially knowing how to use certain tools and negotiate in our clients best interest.  When we sell your home, we know how to get the most for your home.  We know the negotiating tactics to put more in our seller’s pocket.  We’ve been in the business so long consistently that we know all the other major players that sell homes like we do and have relationships with them so that when we are working with you as your Buyers agent, our offer stands out amongst the numerous other offers that they have received.  We know the technology and the eye catching marketing that it takes to attract people to your home.  We really love what we do and we are so blessed to be able to work as a family so we are proud to show you the picture above of my mother and I investing in more real estate education…

One of the things that was shared at this years summit was that economist are predicting another 3-5 years of strong real estate market.  Most people assume that this market may be short lived and that home values are going to take another nose dive.  The real estate market has about a 10 year cycle of peaking and then decline; HOWEVER don’t ever think that prices are going to take a dive as far as they did back in 2008.  There is 100% certainty that the market will decline in the years to come, it’s just the way the market, and life for that matter is.  There are ups and downs but there is no way someone will ever be able to buy a home in Downey for $50,000 as people did back in the 1950’s.  I say that piece to encourage you to not wait any longer to buy a home if you haven’t already.  And if you’re a seller you need to take advantage of this time where prices are currently up, the economy is strong, and rates are low.  If you’re a seller you definitely don’t want to sell when rates are higher, that means when you buy your next home, or upgrade, you now are going to be paying higher interest rates.  Sell now when you can take advantage of the low rates on your home purchase!  Call us anytime.  (877) 883-1003.

Rising Home Equity Line of Credit Loans

by Southern Californias Top Producing Mother & Son Te


Have you recently been surprised by the rise of your Home Equity line of credit?  If so you are not alone.  We are reaching out to those homeowners that may be or soon will be experiencing an increase in their payment amount. Most Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC’s) have a draw period of 10 years in which time the homeowner can enjoy low, interest only payments.  The problem is after the draw period the payment turns into a 20 year fixed loan with principle and interest included in the payment which can cause affordability problems for the homeowner. We would hate to see you get into a position where you have to add $500-$1,000 or more to your housing expense. We want to help you protect your interest for the future. If you find yourself in this position, and the bank will not negotiate your loan into terms that are workable for you, give us a call.   We’ve helped hundreds of families in tough situations where their only option was to sell their home in order to find more suitable options for their income. Please call us today with any questions.


by Southern Californias Top Producing Mother & Son Te

It is extremely important to work with people you trust.  In this video Chris Gonzales shows and talks about a real life example he encountered with a client he is currently working with.  We love showing these videos to our blog readers because they will help families not get scammed into buying something they can't afford, or being taken advantage of by a real estate agent or loan officer that is just trying to get people in the door.  There are many ways that an agent or loan officer can just give you part of the truth in order to real you in as I mention in the video. 

We pride ourselves in giving our clients everything upfront.  THE TRUTH.  If a buyer or seller can't handle the truth, then we take the stance that the property is just not meant for them.  Our goal is to always provide the best customer service experience so that we earn our clients business for life!  Call anytime and enjoy the video! 

Interest Rates May Soon Go UP!

by Southern Californias Top Producing Mother & Son Te

Home prices still on the upside!  We're looking at an average sales price in Downey and surrounding areas of $491,073 for the month of August.  That's only a tad bit lower than the previous month with the average sales price was approximately $492,000.  The real estate market is staying strong.  With an improving economy and the continuation of extremely low interest rates, historically speaking the market has a great foundation to stay on the upside.

If you're a homeowner and you have been contemplating selling your home, PLEASE understand that the right time to sell is now.  Currently as stated above we are experiencing an improving economy.  If the economy continues to improve, than the Fed will increase interest rates to hedge on inflation forcing investors to conserve their money versus invest it elsewhere.  Rising interest rates will most definitely put a stop to this rise in home values we are seeing and fewer buyers will qualify for a home price that they currently can qualify for.  Keep in mind that rising interest rates doesn't mean that home values will drop but it certainly does mean that your home will have fewer qualified buyers for it. 

Call us today if you are contemplating on selling your home in Downey or surrounding areas.   You will not regret your choice of working with us!  Take a look at our Zillow profile and you will see through the testimonials the kind of service we deliver!    

FHA lowers their FICO requirments

by Chris Gonzales













Great news!  If you have a low FICO score, I'm talking LOW, FHA has lowered their FICO score requirment from 640 to 580.  That's HUGE because this opens the door for so many other buyers out there to qualify to buy a home with a low down payment.  Here are some of the benefits that FHA has to offer:

    * Low down payment requirement.  

    *FHA/VA loans qualify for up to 2.5% closing cost assistance

    * No income limitations

    * SFR/Condo/PUD

    * Applies to all counties (Los Angeles, Orange & Riverside)

Call us if you want to take advantage of buying in a market that you will definitely be able to benefit from in the next several years!  Direct:  877-883-1003.

September/October Newsletter - Home Values Up Again

by Southern Californias Top Producing Mother & Son Te

For those of you who haven’t bought a home yet, you might be kicking yourself in the butt after reading this newsletter.  The MLS is showing a huge jump in home sales values for the month of August.  We are now up approximately 20.5% in single family home values in Downey and surrounding areas since the start of 2013.  Can you believe that?  The average sales price for the month of August according to the MLS in Downey and surrounding areas $434,918.  The previous month (July) had an average sales price of $420,184.  That’s a jump of almost $15,000 in one month.  That’s pretty huge!

So the question is where do we go from here?  Are home values still going to continue to rise?  It really is hard to tell.  If anything, we believe prices will maintain their value for a while.  It’s going to be very difficult to disrupt this upward momentum that the market is going through at the time.  With Interest still low currently at around 4.5% and FHA making changes to their guidelines, adding a little more flexibility to buyer’s, it’s hard to see prices going down anytime this year. 

We may see a slight slow-down in activity do to the holiday’s approaching, but believe it or not, in our experience the 4th quarter has been very busy for us real estate wise.  As always if you are interested in selling your home.  You couldn’t ask for a better time to sell with prices being where they are at right now.  You can call Maria directly at 877-883-1003 to schedule an appointment with her.    


by Southern Californias Top Producing Mother & Son Te

The picture we created above explains everything.  As we mentioned before, simple economics tells us that when Supply is low, demand is high.  And if demand is high, well when it comes to real estate we’re talking an increase in home purchase prices!   Only $1,205 Listings came Active on the market last month which the lowest amount of homes to come on the market in 4 years!  Look to your right and you’ll see that the same amount of homes is selling each month.  This means one thing; people are still buying homes at the same rate but the selection from which buyers have to choose from is limited.  This is why it’s a great time to sell your home!  With a limited supply and with not as many homes for buyers to choose from, your home is extremely desirable and is very well a hot commodity at this time.  Sellers will most definitely get the most bang for their buck if they sell now!

Now this is not to discourage buyer’s… Although interest rates have climbed up since the beginning of the year, overall compared to the boom of 2004-2007, they are WAY, WAY, WAY LOW!  Right now according to interest rates in California are around the 4.15% area.  If you’re a buyer, know this, property values are going to climb higher and interest rates are projected to increase by the end of the year.  So if you want to buy a home, waiting to make a move is not in your best interest.  Make a move now!  We can help you!   Call us 562-883-1003!

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