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Downey's Aerospace History

by Southern Californias Top Producing Mother & Son Te

Farmers in the area grew grain, corn, castor beans and fruit, and by 1935 Downey was characterized as an "orange-grove town". Downey was incorporated in 1956, and instituted a charter form of government in 1964. Suburban homes and factories replaced the farms after World War II. The largest employer was what became known as Vultee Aircraft, then North American Aviation, (later North American Rockwell, then Rockwell International which was then bought by the Boeing company) whose facilities were the birthplace of the systems for the Apollo space program as well as the Space Shuttle. For over 70 years, Downey's Rockwell NASA plant produced and tested many of the 20th century's greatest aviation, missile, and space endeavors. By the early 1970s, the facilities encompassed some 1,700,000 square feet (160,000 m2) of enclosed area over more than 200 acres. But, by the post-Cold War 1990s, Downey was brutally hit by cutbacks in the defense budget. Rockwell International, who once had over 30,000 employees, had less than 5,000 in 1992. The seventy year history of airplane and space vehicle manufacturing in Downey came to an end when the Rockwell plant closed in 1999. The former Rockwell plant has been converted to the Downey Landing shopping complex, a Kaiser Permanente hospital, a park, a space museum and Downey Studios.


by Southern Californias Top Producing Mother & Son Te

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!  Have a safe and fun Halloween/Harvest!   This is such a wonderful time of the year.  Especially in Downey and surrounding areas!!! ;) The weather is cooler, fall colors start to set in, the food is amazing, the family and company gets better, and of course we start getting in the mood to celebrate Christmas and Thanks Giving.  This is one of our favorite times of the year!

The only down fall is that the days get shorter.  Less day light sometime can be a downer, BUT as we always like to do here at Mother & Son Real Estate, always look at the positive... Take this time to spend quality time with your children, spouse and other family members.  Less daylight can be an excuse  to settle down a bit from our busy schedules and lifestyles and spend time with the people we love. 

Enjoy the weeks and DON'T forget to set back your clocks 1 hour on Saturday night!!!  Have a great weekend. 

Open houses on some of our newest Listings coming next weekend so keep an eye out for our emails announcing them this week.    

UP OVER $30,000 IN 1 MONTH!

by Southern Californias Top Producing Mother & Son Te










This is absolutely mind blowing.  When we checked the numbers for the month the last thing we thought we were going to see was a $30,000 leap in price from the previous month!!!  In only 9 months, real estate had increased almost $77,000 in value.  Can you believe that?  That's an average $8,554 a month if we divide that number by 9 months.  If someone were to tell you that you could potentially make $8,500 a month if you were to buy a property would you think twice about buying one?  I don't think so. 

Obviously that's not how owning real estate works but it certainly was a fun way of looking at it.  Let's look at that number as a year-to-date percentage.   Year to date average sales prices have gone up 14.7% according to the MLS report that we pulled.  With interest rates as of 10/14/14 at 4.1% according to there's no reason to think that real estate will be going down anytime soon.  This is bottom line, simply put a rock solid real estate market.
Call us so we can help you sell your home, or get into a new home.  We guarantee the best service you can ever have from a team!


10 Things a Homeowner Can Do To Increase the Appraised Value of Their Home

by Southern Californias Top Producing Mother & Son Te

Here at The Mother and Son Team we value your business and the trust you have with us in your investment. We work diligently to sell your property at a price that everyone will be happy with. With that said, you do want to get the maximum amount for the sale of your home or condo.  The follow are tips that one can consider when it comes time to selling their home. Although, some improvements may not be feasible, there maybe some easy improvements that can be done at little or no cost.  Additionally, the following gives you an insight on what some buyers maybe looking for when purchasing a home or condo. We hope you find the following information useful.

10 Things a Homeowner Can Do To Increase the Appraised Value of Their Home 

1. Kitchen Upgrades: The modernity of a home is most evident when an appraiser inspects the kitchen. Whether it’s actually used or not, the kitchen is a good indicator of the home’s level of remodeling. As evidenced in most all MLS descriptions, the kitchen is always described in detail to impress a potential buyer. Items like granite countertops, custom or upgraded cabinetry with glass inserts showing off fine china, stainless steel or higher end appliances, all contribute to impressing an appraiser’s opinion of the home’s value.

2. Stain grade interior doors: Stained wood doors, as opposed to painted wood doors, make a great impression upon an appraiser. This serves to demonstrate warmth and willingness to spend a bit more money than the off-the-shelf, store bought painted doors that are seen on most every home. The doors are not necessarily noted for being solid wood or not. Veneered doors impress an appraiser just as much as a solid wood door.

3. Insulated Windows: Vinyl windows have become quite commonplace and current building code requirements mandate that all newer windows must be dual glazed with clear tempered glass. Well built windows make a stronger impression. Vinyl is popular and relatively cheap and found from many manufacturers. Many older homes still have the single glazed glass windows throughout the home. When upgrading your windows, try to find a window system that has a wood interior. Even if its vinyl to the exterior, the warmth of wood on the interior will say a lot about the comfort of a home.

4. Clean carpet: Nothing can make a bigger statement than having clean carpets when showing a home. A relatively inexpensive “fix” is to have the carpets cleaned to remove the everyday dirt and grime that builds up over time. The first impression is negative when there are darkened pathways worn on your carpet even if everything else is in tip top shape.

5. Paint: White walls are seen everywhere and are on more homes than Paris Hilton has shoes. Walls colored subtle tones and hues can add a great impression, warm or cool a room, and make the home look much more custom just by adding some neutral color. The right tones are just as important; colors that scream at the non-resident can make the home desirable only to a very specific buyer. When a home is accented with different hues to set the mood for the room’s specific purpose, there is an element of customization that is perceived by the appraiser.

6. Landscaping: A well laid out landscape makes a difference on the perceived value to an appraiser because it is compared to the other homes, not just in the neighborhood, but with homes of similar dimensional characteristics. Landscaping that takes advantage of a view corridor or the property’s topography can render a higher perceived appraised value for its effort to blend the home, lot size and usefulness altogether.

7. Patios and balconies: These are outdoor areas that are considered part of the overall value that can add incremental value to a home. A small patio doesn’t have to be ornate, but perhaps with a spa, veranda and/or barbecue renders the outdoor area an extension of the indoor area to maintain the flow of the home.

8. Bathrooms: A strong consideration to the overall level of upgrading/remodeling of the home is contingent upon the level upgrading/remodeling done to the bathrooms. Although a kitchen might have been upgraded, if the bathrooms still have the pre-fabricated one-piece countertops or shower surrounds, the overall condition rating could be given a “good” to “good plus” rating. Whereas, if the bathrooms and kitchen were all upgraded/remodeled, a “very good condition” rating might have been earned.

9. Cottage Cheese Ceilings: Nothing screams 20th century, at least in Southern California, than yesteryear popular cottage cheese ceilings. If these can be removed and smoothed over, then the appraised value usually will be greater than a similar home without the removal. It’s a dead giveaway to a home lacking “updating”.

10. Heating and Cooling: Dependent on the climate zone and area in which you live, either of these two items will make a difference when compared to a home that is absent of this amenity. For example, if your home is coastal the need for an air conditioning unit is not as great. However, if you’re located in the San Fernando Valley, an air conditioning unit will be looked at as standard equipment as part of the home. If it’s not present, the value will certainly be affected.

Meet the Mother & Son Team!

by Southern Californias Top Producing Mother & Son Te

This is who you're going to work with when you buy or sell your home with us!  We're a family run team and we thought it would be of benefit to you to know each one of our roles and strengths in our business...  One great thing about working with the Mother and Son Team is that there are no secrets!  We are very transparent in everything we do and we try to deliver that message with this flyer Chris put together for all our potential clients. 

If you can't  read the flyer above we made the text available to you below...

Maria Palacios:
Listing Specialist/Team 
Leader:  There’s no other person with as much passion and desire to serve othersthan Maria!  She believes in building relationships for life and knows she’s thegreatest agent for the job of selling your home.  With the best negotiating skills and the ability to make people feel at ease, Maria is blessed with a career that has enabled her to help a lot of people and change a lot oflives.  She believes that you truly win in life by helping and impacting those around her in a positive way.   

Chris Gonzales:
Team Manager/Broker:  Graduate of the University of California San Diego, Chris works as the team manager, listing marketing strategist, production overseer, and online marketing coordinator. his strengths are his attention to detail and desire to think “outside the Box.” Dreaming up creative ways to help buyers and sellers make him the perfect partner for his mother, Maria. 

Amber Gonzales:
Transaction coordinator/notary:  If there's anyone that can get our buyers and sellers through a transaction smoothly, while providing a clear understanding of all contracts and disclosures throughout the escrow process it’s Amber.  With over 10 years experience working exclusively with the Mother and son team, Amber delivers from start to finish, exceptional service and really prides herself in making sure every question is answered!    




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