There is so much information flying in every direction and at times it seems that it’s all fluff.  If you are getting discouraged with what’s taking place with the value of your home, and you are thinking about throwing in the towel and just getting rid of your home because you owe more than double the amount of what it’s worth in today’s market there is hope for you.  The government released a program that will help many of you who aren’t necessarily struggling financially, but are looking to get out of a home you are paying what too much in payments on. 

The program is called the HARP program and it’s a program that helps home owners who are still current on their home loan refinance with today’s amazingly low interest rates.  It’s not a new program.  It has been around for a little more than a year now but it has been dramatically enhanced.  In the past a homeowner would only be able to refinance if they had a total Loan to Value of 125%.  In other words, if they owed more than 125% of what the home was really worth, they automatically were declined for the HARP program.  Now the Federal Housing Finance Agency has changed the program so that it doesn’t matter how much you owe on the property compared to its current value.  Even if you owe more than double what the house is currently valued at you can still potentially qualify for a refinance. 

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