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New 4 year high in Home Values

by Chris Gonzales

WOW WOW WOW! New record high in home values as we come close to the end of 2013.  Home values made a HUGE jump skyward hitting an average sales price of $473,079 for the month of Oct according to MLS reports.  The market is definitely hot.  As mentioned in last months news letter there was a slight decline for the month of September but home values rebounded and jumped from $446,383 to $473,079. 

This is hard to believe but home values are now up 24.36% year to date.  There is absolutely no other investment that can deliver such a great return without a huge risk.  Usually when you make a gain that high, there is a tremendous amount of risk for that much gain.  There is definitely some amount of risk in real estate but the speed at which a negative impact can happen is not as sudden.  Historically it takes a few months before you will really see some serious negative impact on your investment. 

We can't tell you how many people we've spoken with say that the market was going to tank further than it did and it never happened.  It was and still is rough for many home owners out there but the bottom line is that southern California real estate, especially in LA & Orange County is rock solid.  This map is based off a report from the MLS for Downey and Surrounding areas. 

Keep our market area in mind if you are thinking about buying or selling.  Buyers:  Interest rates couldn't be better for you.  We're talking interest rates in the low 4% area keeping your payments low, even though values are climbing.  Sellers:   Take advantage of these high prices!  There aren't that many homes hitting the market and that's primarily why values are at a 4 year high.  Low supply is creating a high demand and buyers are able to afford to buy right now because interest rates are so low.  CALL US TODAY!  DIRECT:  562-883-1003.

FHA lowers their FICO requirments

by Chris Gonzales













Great news!  If you have a low FICO score, I'm talking LOW, FHA has lowered their FICO score requirment from 640 to 580.  That's HUGE because this opens the door for so many other buyers out there to qualify to buy a home with a low down payment.  Here are some of the benefits that FHA has to offer:

    * Low down payment requirement.  

    *FHA/VA loans qualify for up to 2.5% closing cost assistance

    * No income limitations

    * SFR/Condo/PUD

    * Applies to all counties (Los Angeles, Orange & Riverside)

Call us if you want to take advantage of buying in a market that you will definitely be able to benefit from in the next several years!  Direct:  877-883-1003.

WorkOut with the Mother & Son

by Chris Gonzales


We don't always get into things outside of real estate on this website but we thought it would be fun to take you on a workout with us.  Since I'm a certified personal trainer I challenged my mom one day to let me give her a workout that would challenge her far beyond what she's used too.  You'll see her reaction at the end of the video.  Watch as I put her through exercises she felt pain from for the next several days...


Displaying blog entries 1-3 of 3




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