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Checking Accurate Property Status online

by Southern Californias Top Producing Mother & Son Te

We always get asked to check the status of a property that clients have seen online and unfortunately when we call the realtor or check the MLS on our end we come to find that the property is PENDING or on HOLD.  We hate delivering that news to our clients so we are showing you an easy way to quickly see the current status of the property you see online...

Things to do in Downey, CA: Columbia Memorial Space Center

by Chris Gonzales

Columbia Memorial Discovery Science Center.  Do you live in Downey or in one of it's surrouding cities?  Looking for something to do this weekend with the family?  This is the perfect place.  The Columbia Memorial Discovery Science Center has a robotics center and they have guided tours that included in the price.  Entry is only $5. Get a preview in this video...Make sure to stay to the end for the funny outakes...


December Market News-Wrapping up the year in real estate

by Chris Gonzales

So this month properties didn’t surpass the average sales price for the month of Oct, however that doesn’t mean that the real estate market is falling apart by any means.  As noted on this month’s graph the average sales price for Nov 2012 is $310,219 in Downey and surrounding cities.  We were at $320,337 in October.  This jump down in sales values is completely normal if you look at the trend of the graph.  For every month that we have in increase in home values there is a drop in values the following month.  You see this trend throughout 2012 starting in February.  With that being noted if the trend continues we should see a jump up in average sales values past the $320,000 mark.  It’s really tough to tell if that’s going to happen because as we all know the last 4 out of 5 years there’s been a decline in home values from November to December.  There is always hope in December for properties to go up because historically the data shows that homes still sell in December just as much as they do any other month.  One would think that during the holidays home sales go down but that is not the case. 

Interest rates are still extremely low!!!   Please take advantage of this.  You can benefit from these rates whether you are a buyer or seller.  As of today the average 30 year fixed rate for California is 3.41%.  That is really low considering that the lowest that 30 year fixed interest rates have gone down to is 3.39% according to…  If you’re a homeowner please wait no longer and call us so we can help you with your refinance.  You can lower your payments and secure a fixed rate!  If you’re a buyer, well you should already know that you need to take advantage of this market even if that means placing an offer at asking price.  For more on that idea click here to watch a video we posted on that subject.   

Things to Do in Downey, CA-Porto's Cafe & Bakery

by Southern Californias Top Producing Mother & Son Te

This is a new video series that we started!  "Things To Do In:"  We're going to be checking out local hot spots in different cities surounding Downey, CA including Long Beach, Lakewood, Whittier, Norwalk, La Mirada, and some areas of north Orange County including Huntington Beach, Westminster, Los Alamitos and many other cities in the surrouing area.  This week we are showing you a great Cuban Bakery called Portos in Downey.  Check out the video and you will see just how good this place is.

Watch for Real Estate Internet SCAMS- Trulia/Craigslist

by Southern Californias Top Producing Mother & Son Te

There are so many internet scams out there and believe it or not they are even on trusted websites that millions of people use everyday.  Here Chris Gonzales with Mother and Son Real Estate points out some of the ways scammers out there can take advantage of you as you are searching for places to rent or buy...


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