If you were not a believer in real estate as an investment you will be after seeing how great real estate performed in 2013.  The average sales price of homes in Downey and surrounding areas at the start of the year in January was $329,264.  The average sales price in Nov, 11 months later is $441,195!  That's in increase of $111,931.  WOW!!!  Looking at that in percentage value we are talking about an increase of 25.36% in only one year.  With loan interest rates as low as they are and with demand still being high for homes, we are predicting home values to still rise.  

You may think we are crazy in thinking this but it's very difficult to see otherwise.  All signs point upwards.  If you are thinking about buying, don't think any longer.  You need to dive in now! 

Now if you are a seller and you were thinking about selling at the start of the year but held off, you just made an additional 25% on your investment and it's time to cash out! 

Note to all those who bought a home right around this time last year and who bought with FHA 3.5% down financing, you need to call us immediately so we can get that PMI removed from your loan.  All you need to remove that PMI is 20% equity and home values have gone up high enough for you to be able to do that now!

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