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by Southern Californias Top Producing Mother & Son Te

"Buy Low, Sell High" ....**CORRECTION**  That is the word that we are going to use to summarize the market in the past few months in Downey and surrounding areas.  The average sales price for Jan, 2015 came in at $478,426.  Exactly one year ago at this time the average sales price was $443,662.  That is approximately a 7.2% increase in value for the one year period.  We are not too worried because when looking at other data we see that values shot up to $497,050 just a few months past. 

We believe that this is a normal correction in the market.  Even when values overall are trending upward, there are going to be months where there is a slight decline.  As a matter of fact the exact same trend took place in January 2014, 2013, and 2012!  Look at the graph and see for yourself.  There was a drop in January each year...  Then what happened?  Values shot up again... So you tell us, what's coming next?  

We love to analyze graphs because you will be able to make an educated guess on what will take place based on what took place in the in years prior.  We believe that based on what we see in January for the past 3 years in addition to the low interest rates giving buyers more buying power, values will once again shoot upward.  If you are a buyer pay attention to these signs and know that if you wait too long to buy something you will end up paying more for that same property and you will certainly lose out on building that equity.  Call us we can help you sell or buy your home!  Direct:   562-883-1003.

Time frame is from Jan 2011 to Jan 2015

Type is 'Single Family Residence'
County is 'Los Angeles'
City is one of 'Bellflower', 'Cerritos', 'Downey', 'La Mirada', 'Lakewood', 'Long Beach', 'Montebello', 'Norwalk', 'Paramount', 'Whittier'
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"SMART BUYING" - Just Sold, Cerritos, Ca

by Southern Californias Top Producing Mother & Son Te

We just sold this 2 bedroom condo in Cerritos and we're writing this to show you a perfect example of how to buy smart in this real estate market. 

This is a condo that we had for sale that was a fixer!  It was being rented to some tenants that for the most part took care of the property but the property was so neglected over the years by the owner that the condo was extremely outdated and let go.

This is where having a vision and buying smart come into play!  Our buyer saw the potential in the condo and new the location in Cerritos where it was located was great, and took on the opportunity when others would have seen the same property as a big problem.   We sold the condo for $295,000, the seller gave a credit to the buyers closing costs of $2,500 helping out the buyer and the transaction was closed in about 40 days.

Now here's the great part about all of this.   The buyer,  because the home was a fixer bought the home around $50,000 under what it potentially would be worth if it were fully remodeled!  The buyer is planning on remodeling the condo at a cost of around $20,000, so in a couple months when the remodel is done,  not only will she have a condo that is worth more than $350,000 in today's market but she will be paying property taxes on it at the price she bought it at, $295,000!  This is a no brainer!

If you are interested in more opportunities such as this, please call us. We're coming up on a lot more Listings in the coming months and we love to help you. You can reach us at 562-883 - 1003. Call us anytime. 

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