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Green Screen Coming to a Computer Near You

by Southern Californias Top Producing Mother & Son Te

As always in everything we do we put our very best to the plate, and that's exactly what we're going to start doing with our youtube clips so that we can give you all a little variety...  We just started using a green screen so that we could put running footage and different backgrounds behind us for our videos.  It let's us be a little more creative and hopefully will be a little more entertaining for you viewers. 

Above is a clip of a YouTube clip that we are going to be posting early next week.  As you can see there is going to be live running footage of our Billboard on the corner of Firestone Blvd and Old River School Rd in Downey...Stay Tuned!

New Mother & Son Pic

by Southern Californias Top Producing Mother & Son Te

A new look… Well almost. Many you who live in Downey and surrounding areas have driven past our billboards for years and seen the exact same picture of us year after year that we took almost 5 years ago now. I think most people will admit that they’ve never seen an agent pose like the one we have on the Mother & Son photo. Most realtors have their arms crossed, a self portrait, a picture of them on the phone (that’s a classic), or even a “back to back” pose. But not us we have a pose well, that’s quite frankly unexplainable.

The funny thing about that pose is that it was a pose that Maria just, on a whim said, “Let’s do this.” And there was born, The Mother & Son “go to” marketing pic. Since it’s been 5 years we wanted a fresh, new look, so last week we set out to recreate the exact same pose, but of course more up to date. The last thing we want (which I’m sure you are a witness too) is to have a picture that looks nothing like us when you meet us. So here it is… Behold! The picture you will now see on all of our marketing material and all over our website!

Home Values Hit New High!

by Southern Californias Top Producing Mother & Son Te

It’s safe to say that Real Estate has made a comeback here in our market area of Downey and surrounding areas!  We are now officially at the highest average monthly sales price in the past 4 years.  The average sales price for February, 2013 was $382,430.  The next closest to this average sales price was back in August of 2010 when out of nowhere the average home value for the month shot up to $382,401, just $29 less than what we are at now.  The funny thing about that month is that the trend was sloping lower which made that month irrelevant as far as being a turning point for home values.  BUT NOW when looking at the graph and the most recent months, you will notice that there is an uptrend and at the end of the uptrend is a big jump in home values.  This is a clear sign that we could be seeing values go even higher in the coming months. 

This uptrend coupled with interest rates being extremely low and affordable is the perfect combination for a mind blowing real estate market.   This market is for everyone, buyer and seller.  Typically the market will either favor the buyer or the seller, but believe it or not we are in an amazing market where not only can a seller get top dollar for their home, but a buyer and get a secured 30 year fixed loan at rates for under 4%.  Low payments for a buyer, top dollar for homeowners, IT’S A NO BRAINER!!!  Make a move in this market and don’t wait any longer.  We’d love to help you sell or buy your next home!  Call us anytime.  Maria Direct:  (877) 883-1003,  Chris (888) 746-3811.  

We Care So Much We Even Help You Move

by Southern Californias Top Producing Mother & Son Te

We had a lot of fun with this video.  We helped our very good clients, the Kusen family move recently just after we closed on their new home in Whittier, CA.  Mrs. Kusen is just weeks away from having a baby girl and we new that the family would need help getting situated in their new home.  Check out the video and see how we helped them out in their time of need!

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