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Waiting time after a short sale...When can I buy again?

by Southern Californias Top Producing Mother & Son Te

We have some great information for those concerned about being able to buy a home after selling their home in a short sale.  There have been some sellers that give up hope and just decide to let the bank foreclose on their home.  Most of these sellers are simply misinformed or not informed at all.  We’re here to tell you that a short sale is definitely the way to go if you are in financial hard ship and are struggling to make the payments on your home.  WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU!!!  Above you will see the good news.  We have obtained the information above from the Distressed Property Institute of which we are members and it displays how much time a person must wait in order to be able to qualify to purchase another home if they have sold their current home in a Short Sale.  Keep in mind that every situation is different therefore this is more of a general estimation rather then set in stone.  What we can say for certainty is that the wait to purchase a home if you sell your home in a short sale over a foreclosure is much shorter.  Another thing to note is that the figures above are assuming that the homeowner in distress has only been delinquent on their home loan and no other accounts, credit cards, or loans that they may have. 

One of the benefits of choosing Maria Palacios and Chris Gonzales with “The Mother and Son Team” is the benefit of service after you’ve completed a short sale.  When homeowners choose us to help them with their short sale, we help the homeowner reestablish their credit so that they can buy within the time limits stated above.  The benefits of home ownership are too great to pass up.  No one wants to go back to paying rent so we want to give all of our sellers in Downey and the surrounding area the ability to buy again as soon as they can.

The New Look of the Mother & Son Team

by Southern Californias Top Producing Mother & Son Te

We are so excited to introduce the new look of 2 of our billboards located in Norwalk and Downey!  We have had the previous design up now for over 2 years and we thought that this was the perfect time to create a new look.  What makes this billboard design particularly different is that we are introducing our new Mother & Son Team logo in the background, just to the left of our photo.  We are in this business day in and day out and we don't plan on going anywhere anytime soon, so we thought what better way to show our commitment to our community, our clients and our business than to brand ourselves with logo. 

Since we are a family run business we thought the best way to display our commitment was to create a type of family crest design that suits our business of selling homes.  For centuries, families have created Crests with different emblems and symbols that represent them, so we designed a logo that is a family crest with some features that represent the business that our family is in!  You can see both billboards on Firestone Blvd which has a tremendous amount of historical significance in Downey and surrounding areas.  One of the billboards is located at the Old River School Rd & Firestone Blvd intersection and the other is located at the intersection of Orr & Day Rd & Firestone Blvd just one block away from Imperial Hwy in Norwalk. 

Downey Greek Festival

by Southern Californias Top Producing Mother & Son Te

We love this time of year because we love GREEK Food, and what better place to get your hands on some Greek Food than at the annual Downey Greek Festival.  This is the perfect event to enjoy a beautiful day learning about the Greek  Hellenic heritage, faith, culture and cuisine.  Walk around the Festival area on June 4th & 5th and plan your gastronomical excursion into Greek Festival cuisine.  You can enjoy their Greek Dinner booth and order a plate of their highly praised lamb. The LAMB they serve is cooked slowly on spits over hot fire coals for up to six hours. Try a piece of their homemade PASTITSIO or MOUSAKA. While you're there tell them to add a couple of DOLMADAKIA to your plate (grape leaves stuffed with rice and ground beef). 

No Greek Festival would be complete without a mouth watering GYRO with garlic cucumber sauce onions and tomatoes. Move on and add some GREEK FRIES with FETA cheese and special Greek spices. They are delicious. You can top off the meal with a couple of sticks of SOUVLAKIA.  My mouth is watering as I write this blog post!  ;)

This is a must attend event and it’s only here once a year folks so don’t miss it!!!  Not only will they have food, but they’ll have entertainment and a designated Kid Zone for children to enjoy and be entertained. 

JUNE 4th & 5th, 2011
11am – 10 pm
10830 Downey Ave
Downey, Ca 90241

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