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MAGIC SHOW! Free in Downey

by Southern Californias Top Producing Mother & Son Te


One of the benefits of living in such a wonderful city.  We found the perfect event for the family in Downey if you're free on 6/26/14.

Location: Downey City Library, Cormack room
TIME:  2:00 PM-2:45PM



Thursday Special Event - Magic & Mayhem with Dave Skale
Community Services - Library Events
 Location:  Cormack Room, Downey City Library
Master magician and comedian, Dave Skale, will mystify you with his magic, make you laugh at his zany antics, and have loads of fun.  Join in on the tricks and ride the "magic carpet".  The finale will feature a live white rabbit that Dave will make disappear.  This is sure to be the hit of summer!  

Show passes will be distributed in the Children's Room 30 minutes prior to the show times listed to the first 110 children.  Due to space limitations, parents will not be allowed in the Cormack Room during the performance.  Free. 

Ages: 5 - 12 years old.

Here's why this is a great market to buy or sell

by Southern Californias Top Producing Mother & Son Te

JUNE/JULY 2014 Real Estate Report

Average sales prices  in Downey and surrounding areas inch up a little higher for the month of May!  There's no doubt that we are in a strong real estate market.  Most people still have doubt in their minds that this is another bubble that is going to burst bringing home values down again but there is a major difference in the way things are done in this market over the way the market was in 2004-2008. 

The biggest difference is in the financing.  Financing in 2004-2008 was totally different than in today's market.  Back then loans were so easy to come by with the stated income and lenient guidelines.  Anyone could get a loan and banks weren't afraid to loan money in high dollar amounts.  home owners knowing that buyers could get financing so easily in turn raised their sales prices, and since banks were lending  to anyone and everyone home values skyrocketed. 

In today's case.  At least in Downey and surrounding areas the market is up for a totally different reason and that has to do with INVENTORY.  Lending guidelines are much stricter now.  There's no longer the 100% financing stated income loans that everyone used to apply for.  Now there are only straight-up full documentation loans.  In other words, you can only buy what you really qualify for.  So the market  today is up due to lack of inventory.  There are less homes for sale causing a greater demand for homes.  The greater the demand, the higher the price. 

Averages sales prices are up from the previous month but not by an astronomical amount.  It takes time for real estate to go up but it's very clear here that it is going up.  May had an average sales price of $488,409.  At the start of the year (Jan) we were at $443,394.  That's approximately a 9.2% increase just this year alone. 

If you're thinking of selling.  There really is no better time than now.  Get the most value for your home while there's still a chance for buyers to buy!  Call us at 562-883-1003.  Speak with Maria Palacios directly about selling your home! 

Summer is the best time for a family to sell. Here's why

by Southern Californias Top Producing Mother & Son Te

You know that summer is right around the corner.  For those who haven't started a family yet it may not be a big deal but for those with children it's a major deal!  Parents need to start planning ahead on what direction their family is going to take.  Some kids will go to summer camp, and others will need to be in some form of day care.  Some parents have the responsibility of planning on where they are going to want to live depending on what school district they are going to want to have their children in the following school year.  Summer is the time to start preparing for the following school year and it's the easiest time for a family to make a move because they will have a little more flexibility in their schedule with their children.  During the school year it really is best to keep your kids in school for the sake of maintaining consistency and therefore a better environment for them to perform well in their curriculum as well as any extracurricular activities they may be involved in.   

If it's crossed your mind to be in a different area by September which typically is the start of the new school year you need to start working on listing your home now!  Values are perfect and interest rates are still low enough to allow buyers to qualify for an affordable payment.  Give us a call today directly at 562-883-1003 to talk more about your situation and how we can make the process easy for you!   

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