If you are a homeowner with equity in your home you may be thinking that today’s real estate market is the worst market to sell your home in.  Let me try to convince you otherwise….Here’s the bottom line:  Inventory is EXTREMELY LOW!  The majority of homes on the market are short sales.  Unfortunately short sales have left a really bad taste in people’s mouths because of how much time it takes to get a response on your offer, so sellers with equity have the upper hand in this market.  Why you say?  Well for starters, a seller with equity can do a standard sale.  Standard sales are also known as “Equity Sales, or Regular sales.”  A Standard sale is so much more desirable for a buyer in this market because they don’t have to go through the headache of waiting months to get a response on their offer.  What’s worse is working with a realtor that is not persistent in dealing with the banks on a short sale.   It really takes a realtor who is persistent and skillful at negotiating with the banks to get a short sale closed. 

With all that being said, a homeowner with equity can get top dollar on their home.  We are seeing that most standard sales have multiple offers on them and that creates more desire in the home which in turn generates a higher selling price for the seller.  Most standard sales on the market are also selling at asking price and many times above asking price.  If you are thinking about waiting to sell your home and you have the ability to sell your home in a standard sale as a result of the equity you have, DON’T WAIT  any longer to call us.  We will make sure to make disposable as much of your equity as possible to you.  Our contact info is at the top of this page!