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We're blowing up Lakewood

by Chris Gonzales

We just sold 2 awesome Listings in Lakewood. 

4159 Chatwin Ave Lakewood
4212 Lomina Ave Lakewood

These 2 sales show just how experienced, creative, and all around awesome we really our as realtors!  Here is what took place.  We first listed “Lomina Ave.”  From the activity we generated on that home we acquired a listing three streets down, “Chatwin Ave.”  The owners of the “Chatwin” home fell in love with the “Lomina” home so they put an offer on “Lomina” the day we held our first open house on it at over asking price! 

Well that’s one piece of the puzzle.  Now we had to sell “Chatwin” in order for them to be able to buy “Lomina,.”  We held 2 open houses on “Chatwin” and BOOM!  A buyer came through.  Within 7 days of listing the “Chatwin” home we got an over asking price offer on it!  Crazy right? 

So where is the “Lomina” seller going?  We had a buyer for “Chatwin,” the owners of “Chatwin” were buying “Lomina,” so where’s the “Lomina” seller going right?  We put him in escrow to buy a home in the Long Beach Marina using the equity he had in his home on “Lomina.”  This is the art of real estate folks.  You have to be creative and you have to have a stable team, and a darn good understanding of how to negotiate and run things in multiple transactions in order to be successful real estate agents.  Bottom line, we know what we’re doing. 

Believe me, it’s not as easy as I wrote it hear.  There were many challenges through this process but having the experience and professionalism to be able to handle those challenges in a professional fashion is what separates Maria Palcios, Chris Gonzales, and the rest of the Mother & Son Real Estate team from the rest. 

Call us to sell your home.  Now is the best time to sell and we know how to take care of you! 

August/September 2013 Real Estate Report

by Chris Gonzales

Well, this market doesn’t seem to be going lower at least until the end of the year.  Some say we’re experiencing a “Mini Bubble,” and they may be right.  What we do know is that interest rates are still extremely low although rates have climbed higher in the last month.  We’ll go into interest rates in the next section of the newsletter but for now we’ll give you home value info.  The average sales price for the month of July came in at $433,590.  That is higher than the previous month by a little over $5,000.  What we do know is that inventory is still extremely low, and as we’ve said in previous newsletters, if there isn’t a lot of inventory and there is a demand for homes, as there is today, home values aren’t going to be going anywhere to the negative side any time soon.  Year to date we are already up 15.9% in home values in Downey and surrounding areas.  

The bottom line is that Southern California real estate is always going to be not only a great investment, but a great place to live!  We come across buyers all the time that are hesitant to make a move in this market because they think they are going to over pay for a property.  In our opinion, those same buyers are going to be kicking themselves 2 years from now when home values are even higher than they are now.  Listen to this logic: Even if home values go slightly lower in the next couple of years (which in our opinion isn’t going to happen), interest rates will most likely be higher, so payment wise you’re looking at a monthly expense that is going to be roughly the same.  Now look at the upside… If home values go up then you will benefit not only with current low interest rates, but you’ll benefit from the equity that you’ll earn on your home from the rise in home values.  IT’S A NO BRAINER!  Call us so we can help you sell, upgrade, or get you into one of our Listings.     

Time frame is from Jan 2009 to Jul 2013
Type is 'Single Family Residence'
City is one of 'Cerritos', 'Downey', 'La Mirada', 'Lakewood', 'Long Beach', 'Montebello', 'Norwalk', 'Pico Rivera', 'Signal Hill', 'South Gate', 'Whittier'
Results calculated from 33,743 Listings

Open House Fun

by Chris Gonzales

We make the best of every open house.  We always try to make them fun while meeting as many people as possible.  Every open house has an interesting story behind it.  Either we meet some very interesting people, or something crazy happens, so of course, we have a quick story to tell:  Last week we were at one of our newest Listings in the Holydale section of South Gate bordering Downey.  People were rolling in and we had already shown the home to 3 families when a gentlemen and his daughter walked in.  They were full of energy and for some reason seemed to be excited to see my mother, Maria and I.  As we continued converse and build report with them, they told us that the main reason they stopped in the open house was because they had seen our billboard in the Downey area for years, describing us as local celebrities (which we laughed at), and they had to meet us.  As we continued to enjoy their company the man began to tell us what he does for a living. 

Come to find he manufactures and sells high end pillows.  Immediately after telling us that he said, “You know what?  I’m going to give you guys a gift.  Give me one second.”  He proceeds to walk out to his “Hot Yellow” hot rod truck parked right outside and he comes back with not one, not two, but 3 memory foam pillows to give to us and those are the ones you see in the picture.  It was a completely random thing to give us, and we were so thankful for the wonderful gift.

The day got even better after that.  Of course we had to enjoy what the neighborhood had to offer, Raspados and Ellote’s.  We couldn’t pass those up.  Well, that’s it.  We thought it would be fun to show you some pics and stories from one of our last open houses.  We promise, if you sell your home with us, we’ll make sure there’s a great story to tell! 

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