The picture we created above explains everything.  As we mentioned before, simple economics tells us that when Supply is low, demand is high.  And if demand is high, well when it comes to real estate we’re talking an increase in home purchase prices!   Only $1,205 Listings came Active on the market last month which the lowest amount of homes to come on the market in 4 years!  Look to your right and you’ll see that the same amount of homes is selling each month.  This means one thing; people are still buying homes at the same rate but the selection from which buyers have to choose from is limited.  This is why it’s a great time to sell your home!  With a limited supply and with not as many homes for buyers to choose from, your home is extremely desirable and is very well a hot commodity at this time.  Sellers will most definitely get the most bang for their buck if they sell now!

Now this is not to discourage buyer’s… Although interest rates have climbed up since the beginning of the year, overall compared to the boom of 2004-2007, they are WAY, WAY, WAY LOW!  Right now according to interest rates in California are around the 4.15% area.  If you’re a buyer, know this, property values are going to climb higher and interest rates are projected to increase by the end of the year.  So if you want to buy a home, waiting to make a move is not in your best interest.  Make a move now!  We can help you!   Call us 562-883-1003!