I know we wrote about this place a couple of blog posts earlier but we wanted to give a live experience of the place (Downey Gateway) because it's the newest place in Downey to hang out and grab a bite.  There's actually a Cross Fit in the same complex so you can get your work out on before stuffing your face with all the good food there is to offer.  One of the places that I'm most excited about was "Fresh Cutt Carving Grill."  The menu concept is practically identical to Chipotle's but it's take to a whole other level offering not only a choice of Burrito, Tacos, or a bowl, but even Pizza, wraps, paninis and a few other options.  That is definitely a go-to place.  Unfortunately we didn't go there to eat this time.  We went to Waba grill witch was actually also pretty good.  Enjoy the video and if you're thinking about buying or selling your home in Downey, CA, you know who to call!  (562) 883-1003.