Last night we met Josh Altman at the Terranea luxury resort in Palos Verdes, CA.  A handful of LA and Orange counties top real estate producers were invited there for an even put on by Chase Bank.  Chase is stepping up their lending game and introduced us to their new product line of loans they are rolling out and as a treat we were able to listen to Josh Altmans story and pick his brain to get the inside scoop on how he’s been able to sell over $5 Billion in real estate.  

Josh Altmans story really resonated with us because of his “Rags to Riches” story.  One thing he exudes is passion!  He expressed his passion for the real estate business.  He gave us stories on how his persistence paid off not only with his clients but with his ventures in investing.  The Maria Palacios, Chris Gonzales, and the Mother & Son Real Estate brand have been around for over 12 years.   We’ve made it through the most difficult times of this market helping families even through their darkest hours because of our persistence, dedication, and passion for this business.  We love working with people and most importantly, serving our local community.  We understand the importance of our career and our absolute purpouse is to give 100% effort for everyone and every family we come across.  We are an “open book” and we’re ready to serve…  - Chris & Maria